At just 20 years old, Andrea Albrizio has emerged as a passionate and driven individual, making significant strides in the world of fashion. Following his scientific baccalaureate, he made a courageous decision to pursue his passion for fashion, drawing inspiration from the skater era and its iconic loose jeans and hoodies. Through sharing his fashion journey on social media, Andrea aimed to inspire others and fulfill his dream of participating in Fashion Week.

With a determination to excel, Andrea embarked on a learning journey at the age of 17, dedicating six months to crafting an exceptional portfolio. His efforts paid off as he gained acceptance into renowned fashion schools, eventually securing a place at the prestigious Institut Français de la Mode.

Despite facing financial challenges, Andrea embraced the obstacle by creating his own brand and selling nearly 800 jeans, generating €80,000 in capital. This success not only financed his studies but also propelled him closer to his aspirations within the fashion industry.

Three years later, Andrea's talent and unwavering determination culminated in the creation of a ground-breaking collection that earned him a coveted spot at Fashion Week. With an innovative phygital look integrating augmented reality, he positioned himself as an emerging designer committed to revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Through his dedication and perseverance, Andrea has garnered a substantial online presence, accumulating millions of views and amassing a community of 130,000 followers on social media.

Now fully committed to his flagship project, Arnt Real, Andrea aims to gamify fashion by merging the worlds of fashion and video games. With a vision to redefine industry norms and provide a unique experience, he strives to create an exciting convergence between these two domains.