Formally trained as an architect, landscape and jewelry designer in Milan, explores artistic and sculptural approaches to “wearable pieces of art” immersed in contemporary aesthetics. As a Venezuelan-born with Russian heritage, Warchauskys lines are clean and modern, strong in scale and materials, aiming for perfect imperfection, achieved through the deconstruction, reconstruction, and re- appropriation of unconventional materials that challenge our sense of capital by merging non-precious materials with the precious.

Warchausky has workshops in Milan, Murano and Paris, recognized by several international publications, Paris and New York Fashions Weeks, Milan Jewelry Week, Artistar Jewels Prize. About her forehead sculpture; “It is She, centered as an entity in her existence. It is Her in her own greatness that leads her beyond. A deity”.

Designing a new facade, a new emerging face, deconstructing and decomposing the Female Pelvis and taking the Ilium bone as a virtual tetrahedron with consistent asymmetrical edges. Here, the top vertex converges in a pyramidal space that creates the perfect equilibrium.